Now You See Me 2013 (English)

Now You See Me 2013 torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Common, Mark Ruffalo
Director: Louis Leterrier
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Review: Overall a showman of a film. Flashy, loud with bells and whistles and big personalities, an exciting premise… illusionists rob banks using (supposed) magic but the four horsemen are just puppets in a game, but the hype is more than the substance of the film itself.Youd expect suspense, twists, intelligent plot misdirection and all sorts of thrilling viewing? No. This film tries to be a lot more intelligent than it actually is. Like Atlas (Eisenberg) says, Always be the most intelligent person in the room or something similar, this film thinks it is being intelligent but actually its not challenging enough. It gives too much away, isnt as unpredictable as it should be (really, you couldnt see that ending coming?) and just isnt as clever as it promises. The tricks I really wanted explaining werent… the ones that were more obvious, were explained. The ending actually isnt a denouement, as its been laying clues all along – and anyone whos seen a lot of films can see the twists coming a mile away. I focus on the twists and reveal because as a heist movie, the end is the big reveal. But, unlike Oceans Eleven, for example, it has more or less handed it to you on a plate already.The actors were good. Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson stealing the show, of course, with Dave Franco doing a bang up job with some incredible physical acting, stunts and so forth. Im afraid Jesse Eisenberg didnt convince in his character and was annoying after a while, Franco rather underutilised really. Isla Fisher was good but clearly the glamour rather than a serious character, which was a shame as she was good.This was supposed to be a big blockbuster film, big back drops, epic stunts and huge crowd scenes, but it failed to deliver. As heist/magic genre films go its not that great, and The Prestige was far more cerebral and gripping. Entertaining to a point but I got a bit bored, and some of the scenes were too long – chases etc. If you are a fan of heist films or magic youll enjoy it, or are a fan of particular actors, or will just enjoy it for what it is and dont want to be challenged intellectually, its a great film. I think Hollywood endings are just too commonplace. 6/10 for me.

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