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The Book Thief 2013 torrent

Year: 2013
Genre: Drama, War
Starring: Sophie Nélisse, Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson
Director: Brian Percival
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Review: For the most part, you will come out seeing this film with what you expect. The Book Thief takes place during the Holocaust, a subject seen in many other renowned films, but the beauty of this story comes from the perspective viewers get – that of a childs.There is an excellent blend of different pieces that move the film along well – the violence and the intensity of the time period, the touching relationships between friends and family, and the humor they all share. Though its nothing new, the writing and lines are still great and make the characters very likable. Performances by the entire cast, no matter how small or large a role they play, are certainly deserving of praise. Even with all the dramatic events surrounding them, it is easy to get caught in the relationship between Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson as the familiar nagging parents of Liesel.The various sets of the film – backed up with some clean, beautiful cinematography (yet nothing too astounding) – show several different parts of the town, but you are still left wanting to see more of this world. Which is where the film falls in general. For the majority of the movie, you are invested into these characters and you follow their time through WWII, and much goes on. The ending, however, comes rather quickly and you are left with that same feeling of wanting to know more. Not just of the ending, but everything before. It seems every time a moment – of suspense, of sadness, or happiness – comes, it holds on for a short while, but cuts off before you can fully take it in.Still, the film gives a touching story to watch. The subject matter is obviously very serious, but the story of The Book Thief allows a wide range of people to watch this and understand, be it a young child or an adult. The characters are the best part of this film and I found them very enjoyable. The film is rather traditional and almost doesnt fit in with the rest of todays movies, but rather reminded me of many other older classics.

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