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Year: 2014
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li
Director: Patrick Hughes
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Review: I enjoyed the first two movies for what they were. They were fun rides with old actors kicking ass and making jokes about how old they are.The third installation of the series has both of those things, but, sadly, not enough. The whole reason these movies exist is for us to enjoy the nostalgia exploding through the screen while we listen to crappy one-liners and bad jokes. This movie takes itself way too seriously and, even though it tries, it just isnt self aware enough for it to work. It spends a big portion of the plot introducing a bunch of young characters pretty much no one cares about, and then it tries to make us care about those people weve never seen in our lives before. Needless to say, it does not succeed. All of a sudden were suppose to give a damn about these one dimensional characters, and Im not saying that the main cast has more dimensions than one, but we dont need dimension. We dont need backstory. We dont need emotion.We need to see old people doing over the top action, make old man jokes and reference their old movies. The movie just takes itself too seriously. There are jokes, but there are also dramatic moments which just fall flat. The acting isnt that good either, and neither are the new characters. It was cool to see Snipes back in action but his character was pretty much useless and didnt make any sense plot wise. Banderas was suppose to be annoying for the characters in the movie and funny for the audience, but he was just annoying. Gibsons role was pretty fun, even though he kind of just played the Joker. Theres a scene taken straight from The Dark Knight, but I didnt really mind it, it was fun. Ford was just really plain and did nothing for the movie.Overall its one of the most boring action movies Ive seen. It has literally every single action movie cliché ever made, and the performances were average at best. There are also moments where the CGI is terrible and takes you away from the movie even more. I dont recommend it unless you are a big fan ( a really really big fan).

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